The Filling Station Stage



It’s not like anyone was ever locked in jail for dancing in the streets, but the Town of Luther Board of Trustees still repealed the official ban on dancin’ at a recent board meeting to make room for the live music at the Luther Pecan Festival!

Check out the repeal here. 

We love our small town America, especially our small town of Luther. There have been plenty of street dances on Main Street, this festival brings nothing new. And we’re certainly thrilled to have it all above board now! We’re hoping for some boot scootin,’ swayin’ and whatever the kids do these days when our lineup of performers hits the stage at the Luther Pecan Fest.

The exact line-up will be announced soon.

But for now, we are fired up to have two Luther connected bands … Parachüte  and K!nderhook.

Check out this single from Parachüte

And click this for access to K!nderhook’s soundcloud channel.

K!nderhook is also playing at the Plaza District Festival on September 30.

In addition, we’re planning on a jam session with as many musicians as can fit on the filling station stage at Jerry’s Place, aka, the corner of First & Main.  We’ll make room for Glenn’s steel guitar, plus any guitars, horns, fiddles, banjos, mandolins, even an accordion.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting in as a spectator or in the circle with your instrument  in Luckenbach, Texas, or even over at Arcadia’s Round Barn, you know that beautiful music is made. We can all use a little more harmony in our world!
It’s set up to be a Luther Pecan Festival tradition.

The Filling Station Music Stage still needs a sponsor to help pay for the sound equipment, bands and crew for the day. Click here for the sponsorship details.